Friday, 29 July 2016

Windows 10 Start Menu and Cortana Issues Resolved

Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 10 has bought a number of cool and astonishing features to all Windows users. But, at the same time, users also face many bugs and to get resolved these bugs, they need to rely on frequent support options in the form of online technical support for Windows 10 issues. Some users using Windows 10 are now getting trouble with Start menu and Cortana, as they are unable to open Start menu or Cortana search or unable to click on Start menu. Here’s how to resolve Start menu or Cortana freezing issue.
·         First , you need to check for Windows update
For checking the updates, you can follow the steps as shown below:
Ø  Press Windows logo with R key together and type ms-settings and select Ok.
Ø  Now, you will get settings page where you need to go to Update and security > Windows update and, then click on Check for updates. If any update is available, then install it and restart your PC.

·         Now, try the troubleshooter
Here, you can try Start menu troubleshooter and to do this perfectly, you can have a tech support for windows 10 start menu not working for remote support with Microsoft technical experts. Read more at

·         Now, create a new local administrator profile
For creating new administrator account for resolving Start menu and Cortana issue, you need to follow the steps as below:
Ø  Press Windows logo and R together and type ms-settings and, then click on Ok.
Ø  Now, select Account and sign in using local account.
Ø  Type the password and click on Next.
Ø  Now, you need to choose new account name, password, and then click on Finish and sign out.
·         Now, create new administrator account
For creating new administrator account, go through the steps as shown below:
Ø  Press Windows logo + R key together, and then type ms-settings and click on Ok.
Ø  Now, go to the account, and then Family and other people.
Ø  Now, with the option other people choose Add someone else to this PC.
Ø  Set a username and password with password hint, and then click on Next and Finish.
·         Now, make this new administrator account as administrator account
Ø  Go to the option Family and other people.
Ø  Now, choose the account you created, and then click on Change account type.
Ø  Now, with Account type choose Administrator, and then Ok.
After going through all these steps, sign out your current account, and then sign in to new account. Now, if your Cortana and Start menu working, then you need to move all your personal data to the new accounts. You may also have a technical customer support for Windows 10 Cortana if you face any trouble or confusion while going through the above procedures. Read more about What To Do When Start Menu And Cortana Do Not Work In Windows 10? here

Thursday, 28 July 2016

How to Uninstall Quicken on Windows?

Quicken is an advanced personal finance management software that makes the users to get computerized maintenance and documentation system to proficiently manage various individual accounting tasks. There are many versions of Quicken, and thus users need to install latest Quicken versions to have the complete benefit of it. But, to install any Quicken version, it is important for them to uninstall Quicken version that they are currently using on their Windows. In order to install this software in a perfect way by keeping the data safe, users can call on a technical phone help for Quicken installation and immediately uninstall and install Quicken software from Windows. Read more at
Before proceeding to uninstall Quicken software, users must create the back of data file in a CD/DVD or any other removable media. Now, you can go through the procedure to uninstall Quicken on your different version of Windows. You can also get technical support number for QuickBooks errors if you face any trouble while going through the process to uninstall Quicken software. You may also go through this post for trouble-free steps to uninstall QuickBooks on different Windows.
Steps to uninstall Quicken on Windows 10
·         With Windows search feature, look for Control Panel.
·         Click on Control Panel.
·         Now, choose Programs.
·         With Programs and Features, make a click on Uninstall a Program.
·         Now, look for Quicken in list of programs which is given alphabetically.
·         After getting Quicken, go to the top of list and click on uninstall.
·         Now you need to go through the wizard until the program is completely removed.
Steps to uninstall Quicken on Windows 7, 8 and Vista
·         Click on start button, and then on Control Panel.
·         Now, go to the Programs and click on the link to uninstall a Program. This will open uninstall or change a program window.
·         Now, with the list of programs, you need to choose the version of Quicken you are using and, then you need to click on the uninstall button.
·         Now, enter the administrator password and go through on-screen instructions to uninstall Quicken.
With all the above procedures, it would be clear to uninstall Quicken on Windows. However, if you want to have more information related to your Quicken software, then you can call on Quicken toll-free number to get any kind of support for Quicken. This toll-free number is open 24*7 to serve the Quicken users, so you can call them at any moment. Read more about Repair the Quicken Damaged Data File

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

How Parallels Access is Possible with macOS Sierra?

As you all know well that Apple is now coming with its13th major release as macOS Sierra which will be the latest operating system for Macintosh computers and the successor of OS X EI Capitan. Users waiting for this latest Mac operating system would also need to have Parallel access, so Parallels has released its latest update for latest upcoming Mac OS X. Users can also connect with a tech customer support for parallels desktop to know more detail information about the new Parallels update with the latest approaching macOS Sierra.
Parallels access agent version 3.1.3 has been tested on macOS Sierra beta version where almost all the issues have been corrected. Issues that occurred while testing and the issues reported by the users were corrected with this latest Parallels access version. Issues that were noted while using Parallels on Mac was that space key was not working on Parallels desktop virtual machine and Parallels was unable to get installed on macOS Sierra. However, most of the issues have been resolved with Parallels and macOS Sierra to make sure that the users don’t face any trouble with Mac OS X new release.   
In the case, if any issues occur while using Parallel access agent with latest Mac OS X, then parallels tech support number for Windows is also available as a special support to focus on the error that can happen while using Parallels on macOS Sierra. Parallel technical experts are trying their best to provide perfect Parallels services with the latest macOS Sierra. Their advance technical support knows well that what type of trouble could happen with this latest OS X, so that users would not to be getting worried for the use of Parallels with latest OS X. If you want to Update Mac Parallels Desktop 8 to Parallels Desktop 11 visit here

So, if you have been waiting for the latest update of Parallels with macOS Sierra, then you can download Parallel access agent 3.1.3 on your macOS Sierra test machine and could know exact about it. However, if you are not able to do it, then you can call on Parallels technical support number to know the latest update of Parallels. With their advanced experts you can also have the solution for the issues that you face with the Parallels versions you are currently using. You can also consult a Mac technical support team, if you are thrilled to know more about Mac OS Sierra. Read more about Parallels Desktop 11 Helps Start Boot Camp without Restarting Mac

Friday, 22 July 2016

How to Remove Pop-Up as “Windows Virus Warning”?

“Windows Virus Warning” is actually a pop-up which supposed to be a legal warning for valid programs. But, in reality it is a fake website that tries to cheat the users. It shows the users fake alerts and warning encouraging them to call on that number and get their technical support. It is created only to scam computer users and steal their money through deceitful transactions.
While using the browser you get the Pop-up window showing you attractive services and when you click to close that, it appears with new Pop-up window as “Windows Virus Warning”. It is really too annoying, better you have the online technical support number for Windows pop-up virus removal to have the quick resolution of these issues. To get rid of these issues you can also go through the procedure shown below:
“Windows Virus Removal” removal process
1.       Remove Virus and Rootkit from your system
With the help of virus and rookit tool you can easily detect and scan any type of virus as well as malware. You can download Sophos virus removal software and after installation, scan your system for Rootkit or virus. Read more about How to Remove Windows Update Virus visit here

2.       Use  AdwCleaner software
Download this AdwCleaner software and close the entire running program on your system. Run this software to search the existence of plug-ins, harmful programs, add-ons or any other harmful data that is linked with “Windows Virus Warning”. Now delete all these detected items and, then finally uninstall this software.

3.       Clean up your browser
Download Avast Browser Cleanup and run it to perform cleanup test on browser. If error found, then you will get a button as ‘Remove all add-ons listed below and cleanup browser’. This will make you to delete all add-ons present in your browser.

4.       Another method to clean up the browsers
You can reset Google Chrome as default settings to remove these unwanted extensions. To have this you can go through the steps as below:
·         Open Google chrome Internet browser.
·         Click on three –bar icon Menu.
·         Now, click on settings.
·         Now, click on ‘show advanced settings’.
·         Now, click on ‘Reset browser settings’.
·         Restart Google Chrome after closing the existing tab.
You can also call on 24*7 support and help for Windows update issues, so that they can update your Windows. It happens that when Windows is not upgraded, then you get different problem as the Pop-ups on your system.
Thus, all the suggestions show here in this article are surely going to help you to keep your system safe and secure. For more information about How to Remove Popup Ads and Adware from Microsoft Edge Windows 10 visit

What to do when Start menu and Cortana Do not Work in Windows 10?

Windows 10 is the latest operating system and, after its advent, many Windows users are using this innovative operating system. With the use of this operating system, users complained that Windows 10 Start menu and Cortana not working. This makes the users completely unable to access their systems. In this situation, users should immediately look for a 24*7 support and help for Windows 10 to find immediate solutions. You can also go through this article post to have the right answers for this critical Windows 10 issue.
To resolve this issue, first of all you need to boot your system in the safe mode. To boot the system in safe mode, you need to go through the methods as shown below:
Method 1
1.       While holding Windows key press the R key to open run prompt.
2.       Now type MSCNFIG on the run and then click on OK.
3.       Now, you will get system configuration utility.
4.       Now, click on the Boot tab and, then check for the safe Boot Checkbox.
5.       After rebooting of your system you need to sign in and, then you again need to boot in the safe mode.
6.       Again open the MSCNFIG and make uncheck on the option of Safe Boot.
7.       Now, restart your system again.
8.       Now, your Start menu and Cortana should work normally.
You can also go through Microsoft support pages for online technical support number for Windows 10 Cortana and can have the following steps. If the procedure shown above does not resolve your issue, then you can also go through another method.
Method 2
1.       Hold the Shift key while you keep pressing on Power button and, then select restart.
2.       Now, you will get Windows Recovery Environment where you need to select Troubleshoot, and then Advance options.
3.       Now, go to the Startup settings and, then Restart.
4.       When your system restarts, you will find a number of options.
5.       Now, press F5 for safe mode with networking.
6.       Once you have completed your sign in process in safe mode, then you need to restart your system to have normal boot.
7.       You also need to active Windows Defender with the help of 24*7 support and help for Windows 10 defender.
Now, with these methods you can easily use your system with no error. However, even going through these methods, if you still receiving trouble with Windows 10 you are using, then you need to have Windows 10 technical support to have fast and accurate solutions. You can also read about Common Microsoft Windows 10 Issues & How to Fix Them at

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Repair the Quicken Damaged Data File

Quicken is an advanced personal finance software developed by Intuit which helps the users to manage computerized maintenance and documentation to supervise their own tasks. Quicken inbuilt features are great, but there may be some circumstances due to which you could face troubles with it.  It happens sometimes that Quicken file gets damaged and users are unable to access their data present in it. Thus, in this situation, you should immediately look for the pofessional support for Quicken issues.
Damage in Quicken data file usually happens when data stored on your system hard drive gets damaged. This, further, results in the loss of integrity and the file gets cross-linked in which two or more file occupies the same space on the hard disk. Contact reliable tech support to fix quicken problems quickly
Symptoms that you can find with damage data files are:
·         Numbers and categories related to reports seem unarranged.
·         Date sometimes does not appear on report.
·         Unable to create backup of file.
·         Incapable to merge current bank statement.
If you are facing these issues with your accounting software, then you need to have online data recovery support for Quicken. To have immediate recovery, you can also follow the procedure shown below:
·         If possible, better you create regular backup of data before getting this trouble.
·         With your operating system, create the copy of Quicken data file and check that copied data file that whether any of the above symptoms present or not. If you find any error, then you should perform the maintenance on your hard disk.
·         Create the copy of files with the use of copy features of Quicken.
·         Use Quicken’s validate utility to check for damaged file. If any error is found there, then you will be prompted to view all that on Notepad. Here, you will see the files that have been repaired. Corrected file automatically gets stored in Validate folder with same location.
·         After performing validate, if you still find damaged data file, then you further need to use Super Validate Utility on your data file. This utility should be used in a very urgent case because while going through the repairing process, it removes the file that is damaged.
·         Now your repaired file automatically gets saved.
With all the above procedure, you can repair the damaged Quicken file in a very simple way. However, if you are still getting troubles, then you need to have assistance of Quicken technical support to get the fast and superb solution with their experts. Visit here for Quicken support

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

QuickBooks Payroll PSXXX Error Resolved

QuickBooks payroll is one of the most efficient activities made by QuickBooks as it helps you with everything that you need to manage your employee.  It enables the users to create unlimited paychecks, automatic calculation of payroll taxes, data transfer from previous service provider and much more crucial things. With its great utility, there may be some situations in which you could feel the need of online technical support for QB payroll. While downloading payroll updates, it happens sometimes to the users that they receive an error, as PS032, PS077, or PS034. These errors make QB users incapable in installing tax table updates.
These errors can be caused because of the following errors as:
·         A tax table file may be invalid or damaged in the Payroll folder.
·         QuickBooks software is not registered properly.
·         Billing information may be outdated or wrong.
·         QuickBooks company file may be damaged.
These above conditions with your QuickBooks software may create PSXXX errors. However, you need not be tensed as with this article post, you will come to know the ways to overcome these PS errors. Read more about QuickBooks common issues
Steps to resolve PS errors
·         Be sure that you have made the registration of QuickBooks software properly.
·         Be sure that your complete information concerning to billing is correct and updated.
·         Do not update the data files whose accounts copy is out.
·         In the case, if you are using Windows Vista, then turn off the users account and update the disable application.
·         Write down the license number of QuickBooks as it will be needed in next steps.
·         Do the verification, whether you have made one installation of QuickBooks or more than one.
·         If you have only one installation of QuickBooks, then you need to do a clean installation of QuickBooks.
·         In the case, if you have multiple installations, then you need to remove additional installations and need to reset QuickBooks update.
·         You can also download the latest payroll tax tables.
·         Now re-sort the list and verify or rebuild data process.
·         Now, perform a clean installation.

You are surely going to have a great help with the above described procedure. If you fall to any trouble while going through these procedures, then you can also have technical support number for QuickBooks to overcome these PS error issues and could use QuickBooks payroll without any trouble. Read more about Solve QuickBooks Payroll Server Error Effortlessly visit

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Parallels Desktop 11 Helps Start Boot Camp without Restarting Mac

As you all know well that Parallel desktop is the software that provides hardware virtualization to Macintosh. It enables you to use both Windows and Mac, at the same time, on your Macintosh. There are many users worldwide who all are using it successfully, but at the same there are also some users who are not able to set up Windows virtual machine on their Boot camp partition. This set up can be easily made with Parallel desktop 11 and you can take the help of parallels technical customer support for Boot Camp to make things happen. You can also follow the process shown in this post to have the great benefits of Parallel desktop and for the proper functioning with a Boot camp partition.
1.      With the help of existing Boot camp installation
Active your Parallel desktop and go to the upper menu of Mac and choose File>New. Now, go to the Parallel Wizard and with the Boot camp select on Use Windows and then click on continue.
In the case, if Use Windows option is not present there, then you need to go through the steps shown below:
·         Here, you need to install Windows from image and, then need to click continue.
·         Now click on locate manually and, then click on continue.
·         Now select the operating system installed in Boot Camp.
·         Select the customize settings and, then click on continue.
·         Now go to the configuration window and switch to the hardware.
·         With the source dropdown list, select physical Boot Camp partition.
·         Now continue installation after completing configuration.
·         You should also have a Parallels tech support for accurate and immediate help while going through these procedures.

2.      Import Boot camp in to a VM
This process will help you to move your data from Boot camp to virtual machine and to have this you need to go through the process shown below:
·         Set your Parallel desktop for using Boot camp.
·         Go to Parallel desktop icon and right click on it and, then open the control center.
·         Now right click on the Boot camp based on Windows and, then choose Import Boot camp.
·         Now set the location for Windows store and data and, then go through the instructions.
After creating the Boot camp based VM, you will be able to see all the changes that you made with it. With the second procedure shown above, you will be able to get the saved view of the changes that you have made with Boot camp.  Read more about Run Boot Camp partition with Parallels Desktop
This way, you can easily start Boot camp without restarting Mac on your Parallel Desktop 11and could enjoy the latest technology of Parallels. For more information about parallels technical support visit

Monday, 18 July 2016

Resolve Some Common Toshiba Laptop Freezing Errors

At present, there are a number of laptops available in the marketplace. Along with this there are frequent complaints put forward by the Toshiba laptop users also that their laptops freeze a lot. Even the latest machines are prone to face this problem. To resolve these issues you can take technical support from a expert phone helpline number and get customized support to resolve your Toshiba laptop issues instantly.
 Is that an internal error or a hardware issue in the OS which is causing your Toshiba laptops machine to lag and freeze? It is very important to determine the root cause of the issue before fixing it. Sometimes straightforward measures such as basic maintenance of the system can improve PC performance stop laptop freezing.
Toshiba laptop freezes due to various reasons. Below are some of useful yet simple steps that can really improve the speed and performance of your laptop:
·         Optimize services running in the Background
·         Run Windows Experience Index
·         Block Active Startups
·         Scan and Fix the Laptop Registry
·         Defragment the Registry
Services Running in the Background
There are certain services which are running in the background make your laptop run slower. Mainly laptop freezes a lot due to some unwanted and unnecessary services running in the background. To resolve this issue follow the below-given steps:
·         Tap on the Start button > type Services.msc and press ENTER.
·         Right-tap on service and select Stop option.
·         Do the same thing for all other unnecessary services.
Run Windows Experience Index
The Windows Experience Index tool is also a helpful tool which checks the system configurations and recommends you upgrade certain hardware to resolve Toshiba laptop issues:
·         Tap Start.
·         Type Windows Experience Index and press ENTER.
·         Tap the button Rate my computer.
·         Wait till the process is finished.
·         See the report and upgrade the hardware accordingly.
To resolve all these errors you can simply dial a toll-free expert toshiba laptop customer support and get your networking issues resolved with certified and experienced technicians who do it by taking the least amount of time. The benefit of opting for Toshiba computer support service is that you can avail it online via the Internet.
The reliable technical service providers offer online tech support in 24x7x365 allowing you to select the time you prefer most to resolve the issue you are facing in your Toshiba laptop. These independent computer technical support services are widely used services used by customers all around with affordable annual subscription which can keep you away from the hiccups with your Toshiba laptop regarding issues like viruses, software errors, driver compatibility and more. Read more at

Thursday, 14 July 2016

How To Login In To Yahoo Or Outlook Account With Gmail?

Email has become an immense part of making communication, no matter whether it’s your personal and professional communication. Every communication made with it is fast and simple to manage. Today, you can find many of the emailing applications, such as Yahoo and Outlook, which are running and many users have their important email account on these email applications. Among all these email applications, Gmail is the most latest and the relevant email program, because of its amazing features. With its great features, other email users also wanted to have the access of their email account with this Gmail. This is easily possible with the new feature Gmailify that can be easily linked to other emailing application with the help of a Windows Outlook helpline number.
With this great Gmailify feature, non-Gmail users can easily log in to Gmail account with their Yahoo or Outlook account and complete Gmail features, like spam protection, Google now, and inbox organization, even with these non Gmail account. This Gmailify feature only works through its android Gmail apps or on the web, and is limited only to the emailing programs like Yahoo, Outlook and Hotmail. Though, Google is trying to add more emailing program with this great feature.  Let’s know to use this Gmailify of Google:
How to use Gmailify?
·         First, you need to create a Gmail account to link with it.
·         Sign in to this Gmail account and then, enable Gmailify.
·         Now, you need to login to your non-Gmail account with the help of the Gmail mobile app or with the link
·         Now, go to the settings panel and click on “link accounts”.
·         Google will reply you that your complete mail will be arranged in to its promotions, social and update categories.
·         You will find your hotel and travel information to get sorted in Google.
·         You can also unlink these accounts as per your requirements.
·         You can also have the Gmail phone help desk to link your non- Gmail account with Gmailify, without any hassle.

This way, you can experience all the important Gmail features even with the third party email account and could enjoy the Gmail features. If you find trouble in this procedure, then you can also have the Gmail technical support to overcome all the possible issues. Their technical experts will make you able to access your non-Gmail account with your Google account, and thus you can easily get the access of your Yahoo and Outlook account with stunning Gmail features. See also: Ways to Resolve Common Outlook Problems

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Quality-Attributes to Upgrade Quickbooks Enterprise 2016

Whether you are using QuickBooks Premier or pro version, it is a right time to upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise 2016. In this piece of writing, you will get know about the conventional features that make the QuickBooks Enterprise 2016 platform unique and a noteworthy upgrade as compared to QuickBooks Premier, Pro, and Accountant version. QuickBooks Enterprise 2016 is intended particularly for running a business in a marvelous way. It is Intuit’s most supple product packed with extra features and flexibility that your business needs in accounting software.
The chief reason why you should upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise is that it is intended for superior data files. You can exceed the suggested limit of 250mb for a company file and still work safely. Furthermore, QuickBooks works faster and is much stable than QuickBooks Desktop while working with multiple concurrent users. QuickBooks Enterprise offers its users with a phone help desk number which is the main reasons why users are choosing it over other QuickBooks versions. As the support offered by an expert and certified technicians is incredible over a single call.
QuickBooks Enterprise 2016 NEW FEATURES:
All the innovative features which are incorporated in QuickBooks 2016 plus are as follows:
·         QuickBooks Enterprise is inimitable and pioneering accounting tools which reclassify Transactions, Batch Enter Transactions, Client Data Review, and Write-off Invoices.
·          Now with QuickBooks enterprise 2016 version it is possible to delete invoices, checks, or bills in batch.
·         Provides Item Reports there is Custom Field Filtering: Finally, you can use custom field filtering in inventory items. This feature is good for creating Inventory categories without the need to use Sub times.
·         Rebuild and Verify Data Update for QuickBooks Company file which helps to generate an immense report on what can be fixed, and what cannot be fixed.
·         With this QuickBooks enterprise software, you can now print labels on single roll continuous labels, instead of being partial to regular printers only.
·         With QuickBooks enterprise 2016 Statement writer now works with Microsoft office 2013.
·         Provides advanced Colum Sorting.
·         Updated Advanced Reporting: Now with more ready-to-use templates
·         Improved Subtotal Item which is quite simple to multiply for calculating total weight.
·         Provides E-Invoicing feature providing a more streamlined electronic payment process for Invoices.
While using the software if you experience any sort of problem in using the software, then dial toll-free support number for QuickBooks enterprise and get customized solutions from the certified experts in a skillful manner.
For getting more details, you can visit the official website of QuickBooks or simply take help from a reliable technical support offering company and get complete details. With all these new features Intuit has shown that it is likely to feature some more updates without having to wait for the next annual release.  So it is expected that more enhancements to come during the economic year 2015-2016.