Monday, 21 March 2016

3-Step Norton Antivirus Installation Process

Internet is the biggest threat to the security of your PCs, laptops, and handheld devices if you are missing an antivirus program within your system. Security has always been is a big deal for individual as well as professional life. Security is necessary not only to save your systems from being inflicted with viral attack but also for enhancing daily productivity. As our dependence on technologies and computer devices is increasing day-by-day, it is equally important for us to protect all systems from online threats and viruses. To make things remain private, it is vital to install comprehensive security suite or security software in the form of antivirus programs that safeguard computers against possible malware and spyware.

Norton antivirus program is considered as the best security program as it comes with three different scanning options that allow you to verify files from the Internet, social media sites, email and immediate messenger utilities. These include: Custom scan, quick scan, and full scan. You can conveniently install the antivirus program with the help of the following a 3-step approach or can opt for professional Norton Antivirus Support for a successful installation. These include:

1.      Preparing computers

2.      Installing software

3.      Activate the virus protection software.

Prepare Your Computer: First, you need to make your operating system compatible to Norton Antivirus. So, you should have a 300 MHz processor, 256 MB hard disk space, and Windows7/Vista/XP. If your system has all these supportive supplies, then press ‘Start’ and ‘Control Panel’.

If you have already installed other antivirus, then you need to remove it by choosing ‘Remove All’ to confirm that you are really going to uninstall the other security device. Then, click ‘Restart Windows Now’ and click ‘Finish’.

Install Norton Antivirus: Once you make your system ready, it is high time to install the antivirus by inserting the Norton CD into the CD-ROM drive. Press ‘Install Norton Antivirus’ through a CD or click twice on the file to start installation, in case you own a downloaded copy of antivirus. Then, choose ‘Install Options’ and ‘Browser’.

Once you find the new location, press ‘OK’. If you have no issues with the default location, you can skip these steps. Then, click ‘User License Agreement’ and press ‘Close’. Finally choose ‘Agree and Install so that the antivirus can start installing files on your PC. Then, it will be launched by default.

Activate Norton Antivirus: Click ‘Activate Now’ in the Norton Antivirus window to activate the antivirus. Type email address in the Product Key and then click ‘Next’. People having a Norton account in advance can enter the password. If not, they can choose ‘Sign up now’ and fill required information and then click ‘Sign Up’. At last, check given subscription details and hit the ‘Done’ option.

You can also demand the right technical support for antivirus from independent tech support providing companies at an affordable price tag. 

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