Friday, 30 September 2016

Find Printer Driver Solution after Upgrading to Windows 10

After upgrading your system from Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 to Windows 10 many issues were revealed by users such as Start menu not working, taskbar not showing, system freezes and many others. There are many users who frequently searched for customer support helpdesk number for Windows 10 Cortana issues. However, with anniversary updates many issues have been resolved. But, still, there are many users who have reported for printer issue after switching to Windows 10. Read more about troubleshoot:
Microsoft already indicated that after Windows 10 upgrade some apps and software which are not compatible with Windows 10 may get delete or stop working. Same things happen with printer also. It may be that printer driver is not compatible with Windows 10. So, here one can have a 24/7 tech experts available online for help Windows 10 printer issues to find the instant and perfect solution for printer error. Anyway, you may also go through this article post to have a solution for printer issue. So, let’s have a look on the way to update your printer driver:
Manually update printer driver
Here, you can go to your printer manufacturer website to check whether your printer model support Windows 10 or not. If it supports, then you can download and install a printer driver for Windows 10. If it does not support then you can download the latest version of the driver like Windows 7 or Windows 8. After downloading your printer driver you need to run printer driver.
In some cases of printers, you may also need to go through manual updates. And, for doing this you need to follow the steps as shown below:
•    Open Windows 10 Control Panel.
•    Now, click on Device Manager.
•    In Device Manager Window, you need to find the printer driver that you need to update. You will find a yellow sign in front of problem device.
•    Make a right-click on the device name and choose update driver software.
•    Now, you will find pop-ups with two options as:
Search automatically for updated driver software.
Browse my system for driver software.
These are the very short way to have the solution for printer driver issues on Windows 10 upgrade. However, you can have a more detail information through a toll-free number of a Windows technical support number. This will make you connect with highly advanced Windows technical experts who will help you in a great way to have a solution for printer issue.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Windows 10 Wi-Fi not Working – Find the Fixes here

There are many bugs that appears after upgrading to Windows 10 including sound not working, black screen issue, Start menu not working and much more. Recently many users encounter the trouble with Wi-Fi connection and some frequently called for a toll-free number of a get online technician help support for Windows 10 taskbar. There could be wide reasons for not working of Wi-Fi.
Wi-Fi connectivity issues may be due to incompatible driver or may be that wireless adapter would not have been updated. If you have re-installed driver then it may be that it would not support VPN. If you are having old VPN client particularly Cisco or global sonic then it may be that certain part of software is obstructing internet connectivity. Anyway, you can have solution either with a toll-free number of a helpdesk technical support phone number for Windows 10 Wi-Fi not working or you can also go through the fixes shown in this post.
Update Wi-Fi drivers of Adapter on Windows 10
Update is needed with Adapter Driver because driver of earlier Windows version 7 or 8 is not compatible with Windows 10 or Windows 10 would have removed it while updating. Therefore, with Driver Talent Tool you can fix this problem. So, let’s have a look at this procedure:
·        Download and run driver talent tool.
·        Now, run Driver Talent for scanning your system. It can find all diver issues.
·        Make a click on update a driver or repair a driver.
This way you can get rid of Wi-Fi connectivity issues. However, if you are still getting trouble then you can follow the next procedure.
Enter the command to fix Wi-Fi issue in Windows 10
·        Here, you first need to make a right click on Start button and choose Command Prompt which will launch Command Prompt as Admin.
·        Now, type the command as reg delete HKCR\CLSID\{988248f3-a1ad-49bf-9170-676cbbc36ba3} /va /f  and then hit enter key.
·        Now, again enter the command as ‘netcfg -v -u dni_dne’ in Command Prompt and press enter.
·        Restart your system and check your Wi-Fi settings.
Optimize Wireless Adapter settings
·        Press Windows and S key together and then choose ‘Power options’.
·        Find the current plan and change the plan settings.
·        Now, click on change advanced power settings.
·        Choose Maximum performance and then click on OK.

With all these procedures, you can easily get rid of Wi-Fi connectivity issues in your Windows 10.

How to activate QuickBooks Payroll?

A QuickBooks Payroll is a subscription based services to activate and enable Payroll features in your QuickBooks software. As according to your features you can select basic, enhanced or assisted Payroll. This Payroll services is not available with QuickBooks for Mac and so they can use Intuit online payroll. It really helps to manage complete payroll of your business. If you are a new user then you can call for a get online technician help for QuickBooks payroll to know about this QuickBooks Payroll. For more info, click here:
However, with this article you will know to activate payroll for your QuickBooks. After purchasing a payroll from web you need to activate services in QuickBooks by just writing a service key that you received on purchasing. However, if you have purchased from retail store, then you need to activate payroll license online to get service key. Payroll can be used with all QuickBooks versions, so if you are using QuickBooks Enterprise and need payroll for it, then you can dial a technical support and help for QuickBooks Enterprise. Anyway, let’s have a look at the way for getting your services key.
Procedure to get the service key
After buying your Payroll service, you are going to receive an email with service key. So, you need to enter this key for activating payroll services in your QuickBooks.
You can also use automated service key or desk delivery key tool, if you do not have a service key. Here, you will be asked to sign in to your Intuit login account. This automated toll may not work in the case if:
·        There are varied payroll for your company in your system.
·        You have purchased payroll product by retail store.
·        Business phone number did not match with the phone number of Intuit file.
Now, for entering the service key you can go through the procedure shown as below:
·        Go to the top of menu bar and choose Employees > Payroll and then enter service key.
·        Now, you will see a pop-up message if you have existing payroll subscriptions and ask you to add this file. However, if you again get this option, then you can choose any one option.
·        Now, in Manage Service Key window click on Add button.
·        Enter you service key and then click on next.
·        Now, you will get a conformation message for the activation of your payroll services.
·        Click on Finish and verify payroll subscription.
If you find any kind of trouble while activating QuickBooks payroll, then you can dial a QuickBooks technical support number to have a perfect solution.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Remove Pop-ups Completely from your Windows

After upgrading to Windows 10, users reported for many issues. And, these issues are natural because not all devices are perfectly compatible with this new operating system. There are many parts in your systems that need to customize as according to Windows 10. You can also dial a toll-free contact technician for support of Windows update issues to have assistance for all issues on Windows update. On Windows update many users reported for pop-up issues. Read more at:
On Windows update sometimes it happens that Windows Defender do not get started due to some issues. As a result, all threats get active and start attacking your system while using the internet. These illegal threats appeared as pop-ups window due to intrusions of various malicious elements like malware, adware, or virus. These intrusions completely disable the functioning of your system. Pop-ups window frequently starts appearing while using internet that ask you to have their tech support services.
Pop-ups are so stubborn that they cannot be removed easily and completely disable you to have access of your browsers. Thus, in this situation you should look for a tech support service number for Windows pop-up virus removal, so that you can immediately get rid of these pop-ups issues. However, you can also go through this article post to remove pop-up from your system.
Let’s go through pop-ups removal procedure:
Scan your system with AdwCleaner
·        Download and run AdwCleaner.
·        Now, close your web browser and then double click on AdwCleaner icon.
·        Now, click on scan.
·        Click on clean button to remove malicious file.
·        This will prompt you to save open files or documents and then click on OK button.
Scan system with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
·        Download Malwarebytes Anti-malware.
·        Once download is completed then you need to close all the programs. Now, make a double click on Malwarebytes icon.
·        Click on run for installation.
·        Once it get installed, then it starts working itself to update antivirus database.
·        Now, click on ‘scan now’ button.
·        It may ask you to reboot your system for removing malware from your system.
Stop downloading from unauthorized sites
Downloading from an unauthorized site may cause intrusions of various malicious threats. So, you should always make download from legal website.
With all these processes, you can easily get rid of malware. However, if you need more help and assistance then you can dial a Windows technical support number for removal of malicious elements from your system.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Upgrade Sage 50 2015 to Sage 50 2016

Sage 50 is small business accounting software that manages complete payroll and payments to a business. This is one of the advanced software for accounting which is being used by a large number of people worldwide. It is known to have great and innovative features to manage all accounting activities of your business. As similar to other software, you can also face trouble with your Sage software. So, to maintain its’ functioning you can have a Technical online help for Sage 50 online through their toll-free number that can be contacted with no time bar. Read more about at:
Sage is now bringing an upgrade to its version and this upgrade is actually a part of your business care that you can avail with new Sage 50 software. From the date of purchase, you can easily have an update for one year. To have this updates each year, you need to renew this software every year. As according to Sage, you can easily update your existing program without calling a connect with tech experts for Sage 50 Pro. Before going through an upgrade, you need to make your system compatible with this new software so that you can easily have complete advantages of your software.
First, you must know that Sage 50 2016 only utilize Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 to run this software. So, you need to have all updates for these Windows OS. However, if you move toward Windows 10, then you will face trouble with Outlook 2010. This trouble will be fixed with Sage 50 1016.1 version.
There is also a new requirement with your Sage 50 2016 as here you will be required a program as Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable package. So, before updating 2016 version you need to have the link for Visual C++. Now, after this, your Sage 2016 can be easily loaded. There are also some issues with this new Sage that it needed a Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable program package.

However, if this process does not work then you need to uninstall Sage 50 2015 software and then again you need to install a Sage 50 2016 software. If you still find an error on update, then you can dial a Sage 50 technical support number to have all possible resolutions for your Sage 50 software. Here, you can have the assistance of Sage technical experts who all have a broad knowledge of accounting software. So you can easily, acquire any type of assistance for your accounting software.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Get Permanent tech Solution to Windows 10 Upgrade Issue

When Windows 10 was introduced, Microsoft allowed the users – who were using genuine Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 – to upgrade their computer system to the latest edition. In response to the lucrative offer, a number of users switched over to Windows 10 in just a few days. Microsoft extended the timeline and started offering new updates to the operating system so as to enhance their experience.
But at the same time, most of the users confronted a technical issue that the upgrade process was declined in the mid way. Though the issue has largely been addressed with so many updates and fixes, however it is still causing some users to undergo unnecessary problems. Windows 10 upgrade issue is quite a common problem with the operating system, as there are so many things that can result in such irksome problem.
If you have tried upgrading your computer system and you failed all the time due to some technical issues, you should immediately contact a technician who can help you fix the issue instantly. It is quite worthless to apply unnecessary techniques on your own, as a small mistake can result in another severe issue on your computer system. Some independent technicians are offering their advanced solutions at affordable cost to help users get their computer system upgraded to the Windows 10 OS.
Accessing an experienced Windows technician is somehow more convenient, provided that you contact them through their toll free dial helpline phone number tech support for Windows 10 upgrade. With no additional hurdles while contacting them over the telephone, you can get connected to the professionals in a while.

But keep in mind selecting a right and genuine technician can always be helpful in resolving issues with Windows 10 OS. Before you select a particular one, you should check if the technicians are duly experienced and proficient as well.
When you should dial the toll free number:
If you come across any of the below mentioned issues on your Windows computer system, you should dial contact technician for support of Windows 10 and get connected to the technicians instantly:
·        Error: 0xC1900101-0x20017, -0x30018, -0x20004
·        “Something Happened 0x80070005-0x90002”
·        Activation issue – product key is not verified
·        Compatibility issues with computer system
·        Error 0x80070070 – 0x50011

So, don’t wait if you fail to upgrade your computer system due to the issues mentioned above. Simply dial the phone number and get a direct access to the experienced technician in a real time. 

Friday, 23 September 2016

10-step approach for hassle-free networking in Windows 7

Window 7, an older version of the operating system, is still used by a large number of Windows enthusiasts due to its various features and added advantages. Yet, the OS is also a big headache for it users as it is prone to lot of errors and bugs that affect its overall performance. Windows 7 networking issue is simply one of them and you can dial a contact technician for support of Windows 7 to get rid of such odd issues. Sometimes, Windows users find it hard to get rid of the issue of unidentified network and no internet access in Windows 7. In such a condition, the best they can do is to follow this 10-step approach to get a smooth and hassle-free networking in Windows 7. If you having any issues related to Windows 7, click here at:

1.    Put the network agent out of action: When your screen shows you the message of unidentified network and no internet access, all you need to do is to disable the network agent and a 3rd party firewall that can be a big culprit.
2.    Network card driver update: To make a smooth networking, it is vital that you update your driver through Windows or you can also download the driver manually with some DIY instructions from the manufacture’s website.
3.    Restart modem and router: It is useless to waste valuable time. So, simply restart the router and modem as it will help you know where the loophole really exists.
4.    Reorganize TCP/IP stack: Another thing that you can do is to reset network settings with the TCP/IP stack. Here, you need to run the Microsoft FixIt solution.
5.    Router firmware upgrade: If you are not able to reach any conclusion, you can also try to upgrade you router firmware. So connect to router via a web browser.
6.    Use only one connection: Some Windows 7 users use an Ethernet and a wireless connection simultaneously on your devices. It is likely to cause an issue. So, you can disconnect and restart the one to know if you are getting Internet access for both networks individually. Bridging the connection can help you a lot.
7.    Schedule adapter settings: You can also try another trick by checking adapter setting by going to Network and Sharing Center> tapping on Change Adapter Settings>clicking on Local Area Connection or Wireless Network Connection> and then selecting Properties.
8.    Disable virtual Ethernet adapters: If you have installed virtual machine software in Windows 7, then unable the same by going to Device Manager. It will disconnect the Internet from your virtual machine.
9.    Enable/disable network connection: Do the same by entering into the Network and Sharing Center> tapping on Change Adapter Settings>and choosing the network adapter. You can re-enable the network connection after a few minutes.
10.                       Dial a toll-free dial customer support number for Windows 10 upgrade help if all is not well with the networking.
These steps are proven and are likely to solve your issues in an effective manner.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Make a non-functional Windows 8 rework with technical assistance

Like other operating systems, Windows 8 from Microsoft is also not free from lots of errors and problems that Windows 8 users experience while using the OS for commercial as well as individual purposes. Although the operating system is said to be a feature rich version, yet it can make you irritated when in use. Let’s have a look at some common problems and issues that can plague the performance of your Windows and compel you to look for dial customer support number for Windows 8 help from MS support center or any other 3rd party technical support service providers. For more info, click here:

Where is the Start menu?
A large number of Windows 8 users active on Windows community pages and forums complain about the missing start menu. It is said that the Windows 8.1 version shows no Start Menu even with an added “App view.” Here users can opt for some 3rd party solutions to make the Start Menu active in Windows 8. When the menu is installed, it is necessary that you set Windows 8.1 to start it to the desktop.
Browser crashing and frequent reloading
After installing a fresh version of Windows 8, some users generally complain of “Windows Explorer has stopped working.”  This issue occurs at a regular interval. It seems that there is a bug between the OS, a hardware driver or an installed software program. So, you better use the “Refresh My PC” feature in order to fix the problem. To do so, all you need to go is to:
·       Go to Settings
·       Alter PC Settings
·       Then, change Update and Recovery.
·       Open Recovery and tap on Get started.
These steps will help you re-install Windows without deleting valuable data. It will be good if you can take a backup before it is too late.
Error code: 0x8007007B
This error code is a simple indication that Windows 8 activation is a failure. The same issue was also a bad stuff even with the previous Windows version. Here, users need to prove that their online activation is verified and the key they are using is legal. The same issue also had occurred when users upgrade from Windows 7. When it comes to getting rid of the activation error code, all you need to do is to search a toll-free helpdesk phone number support for Windows 10 and look for better technical assistance.
Another way to make things happen without calling a tech support professional is to go for the command line. Do a Windows search for “cmd” to ensure important privileges. So, go for “Run as administrator” and type these commands: “slmgr.vbs /ipk XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX
slmgr.vbs /ato.”

If you go for this one, you will be able to activate Windows 8 successfully.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 10

The time may vary when it comes to the upgrade of Windows 8 to Windows 10. It depends on age of computer and the way the computer is configured. It can be finished in a span of 2 hours by some in case the devices are of high performance.  People are scared about the data loss when we go from Windows 8 to Windows 10 but the truth is that there is no data loss as such. If there are the files in the C drive, you can shift these files in the other drive. If there is still a worry in your heart about the loss of the data, then there is the backup option.
The question is smooth working of the computer after the upgrade from the Windows 8 to the Windows 10. There is a feedback about many people in this matter and they say that the computer works rather more smoothly than before. If any doubt persists in this matter, you can go for the contact technician for support of Windows 10 by dialing the toll free number.
Some reasons why the people prefer from the upgrade of Windows 8 to Windows 10:
·        When people work with the windows 8, there are complains about the errors. Some of the errors that the people complain in general are blue screen error, runDLL error, activation error, boot error etc.
·        There are many features associated with the Windows 10 that are appealing. Some of them are the Cortana integration, Windows 8 having the desktop that is similar to Windows 7, working operations across the PCs, tablets as well as phones etc.
·        There is an announcement by the Microsoft Corporation that the users of the Windows 7/8/8.1 can do the free upgrade to Windows 10 and this is applicable to all the users of the world.
Preparations regarding the upgrade of the windows 8 to windows 10:
 As you have seen the process how the computer can be upgraded to Windows 10, it is of high importance for you to ensure no technical problems in any manner. With the help of some experienced technicians, you can get the upgrade process completed without any additional issue. To have a direct access to your reliable technician, dial helpdesk phone number support for Windows 8 upgrade to 10 and get a real-time solution.
First of all, check if your computer system is ready to get the operating system on your computer system. it should have 1GHz processor, along with 1GB of RAM if you have a computer system with 32-bit machine. In case of 64-bit machine, you need to have 20GB RAM for your computer system.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Windows 10 Start Menu Stop Working – Get Fixes Here

With Windows 10 utilization users experiences lots of bugs among which many issues have been earlier listed by PC insider. Later after its introduction Microsoft introduced an Anniversary update to sort out most of the issues that users experienced with this latest Windows OS. But, there are still some users who are facing Windows 10 Start menu issues on Windows upgrade. Here, one can have a dial helpline support number for Windows 10 issues to have an instant solution of this Windows Start menu issue. Click here, to more view:
This Start menu usually stops working on installation of any updates. There are many other issues that may create difficulties with your Start menu. If you are also facing such issue, then you can have fixes of this issue with this article post. So, let’s know about the fixes that you can do to get Start menu function again smoothly:
Check and repair for the presence of corrupted files
Here, you need to start Task Manger by pressing Ctrl>Alt>Together and choose Task Manger. Now, you need to run a new Windows Task by clicking on More details>Run> File menu.
Now, you need to Run Windows Power shell by choosing create these administrative privileges and clicking on OK. Again in Run type sfc/scan now to repair your device. You may also have a dial helpline phone number tech support for Windows 10 Start menu not working to repair your device.
Again install all apps for Windows
Re-installing Windows 10 apps can fix most of the issues with Start menu. It will take only a few minute and re-installation may delete some of data present in apps. So, before re-installation you should create backup of all dat.
Create new user account
From File menu ‘Run new task’ and choose the task. Now, choose ‘Create this task with administrative privileges’ and then type new username and new password with add in the box. Here, you need to replace with new username and password and then need to make log in this new account.

Refresh your PC
Here, you need to refresh your PC which is same as Windows 10 installation. You can have assistance of Windows technical experts to refresh your PC in a perfect way.
With all these above mentioned procedures, you can easily get rid of issues with your Windows 10 Start menu. Anyway, if you are still getting trouble with your Windows 10 then you can dial a Windows support number to have a perfect solution of Windows 10 issues.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Fix for Flickering Issue after to Windows 10

Many users have upgraded their PC with Windows latest operating system. Among which some users are running smoothly while some users are receiving lots of bugs with this latest operating system. Recently many users have reported for flickering issue on their screen after upgrading to Windows 10. Here, users can dial a toll-free contact technician for support of Windows 10 screen flickering to have an instant and perfect resolution of this issue.
This flickering or flashing issue can happen because of many reasons such as the presence of incompatible driver or graphic or display driver issues. However, this issue can be easily resolved with a perfect get instant online support for Windows 10 . You may also go through this article to have solution procedure to resolve these flickering issues. Let’s have a look on this relevant procedure as shown here with this post.
Perform clean boot and disable various services tab
For executing clean tab and disabling various services you just need to follow the procedure shown as below:
•    Press Alt+4 together, and then restart your system while pressing on Shift key.
•    Now, click on Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Options > Restart
•    Now, after rebooting your system you will get startup setting option where you need to select enter Safe Mode.
•    Press Windows + R to have run screen.
•    Now, type msconfig and then enter.
•    Click on services tab and find the services like ‘Problem Reports and Solution Control Panel’ and ‘Windows error reporting service’ and disable them.
•    Now, click on OK and then restart your system.
Update or uninstall compatible program
For uninstalling and updating compatible program just follow the steps as shown below:
•    Open settings.
•    Now, choose a system and then go to Apps and features.
•    Now, choose the program that needs to uninstall.
Update Graphics and Display driver of your system
After upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, Graphics and Display Driver start causing compatibility issues. So, here you need to install an updated driver for Graphics and display or you may also update your driver to have a resolution of compatibility issue with your system.
With all these above-shown methods, you can easily get rid of flickering issue with your Windows 10. However, if you are still getting this trouble then you need to dial a Windows technical support number to have a direct solution with advanced technical experts.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

How to Resolve Windows 10 Black Screen Issues?

While using Windows 10 lots of bugs appear in front of users. Most of its issues have been resolved with Windows 10 latest update. But, there are still some users who recently upgraded their Windows OS. After upgrading issues are natural as you are not perfectly aware of its complete features. So, there are some scenarios in which you may need to have customer tech support helpline for Windows 10 issues. Black screen issue is also one of them that happen when you log into your system and another when you are not able to sign into your system. In both of these situations, users get back screen in front of them.
This Black Screen issue is too annoying as it completely makes the users unable to view their desktop icon. It may occur due to trouble in an external device like mouse or printer. It may be due to outdated display drivers. This issue can be fixed with a toll-free Technical customer phone number For Windows 10 blue and black screen issues. You may also go through the fixes shown in this post. Let’s go through that:
•    Download scan and repair tool for finding the actual error of causing this issue.
•    Now click on ‘start repair’ to fix all issues.
•    Now, check external devices connected with your system. For doing this just go through the procedure as shown below:
Ø Unplug devices connected with your system.
Ø Restart your system.
Ø If your black screen disappears, then check one by one which device is causing the problem.
Ø Once you recognize the device, install the updated driver for that.
•    With Device Manager update display driver for which you can follow the process as shown below:
Ø Press ‘Windows and K’ key together and then click on Device Manager.
Ø Now, you need to expand your display adaptor.
Ø Now, choose update driver software by making right click on ‘Update Driver Software’.
Ø Restart your system and check whether the black screen is still occurring or not.
•    Do networking with safe mode
Ø Boot your system with safe mode.
Ø Now, press ‘Windows and C’ together.
Ø Now, with settings you need to change the PC settings.
Ø With ‘update and recovery’ make a click on Windows update.
Ø Now, check for updates and click on updates to install.
Ø Now, click on updates that you need to install.
With all these above procedures, you can easily get rid of Black Screen issues successfully. However, if the issue still going on with your system then you need to have some experts’ assistance with Windows technical support number.