Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Upgrade Sage 50 2015 to Sage 50 2016

Sage 50 is small business accounting software that manages complete payroll and payments to a business. This is one of the advanced software for accounting which is being used by a large number of people worldwide. It is known to have great and innovative features to manage all accounting activities of your business. As similar to other software, you can also face trouble with your Sage software. So, to maintain its’ functioning you can have a Technical online help for Sage 50 online through their toll-free number that can be contacted with no time bar. Read more about at: https://www.facebook.com/notes/phone-help-desk/5-ways-sage-50-can-supersede-its-competitors/736529493115897
Sage is now bringing an upgrade to its version and this upgrade is actually a part of your business care that you can avail with new Sage 50 software. From the date of purchase, you can easily have an update for one year. To have this updates each year, you need to renew this software every year. As according to Sage, you can easily update your existing program without calling a connect with tech experts for Sage 50 Pro. Before going through an upgrade, you need to make your system compatible with this new software so that you can easily have complete advantages of your software.
First, you must know that Sage 50 2016 only utilize Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 to run this software. So, you need to have all updates for these Windows OS. However, if you move toward Windows 10, then you will face trouble with Outlook 2010. This trouble will be fixed with Sage 50 1016.1 version.
There is also a new requirement with your Sage 50 2016 as here you will be required a program as Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable package. So, before updating 2016 version you need to have the link for Visual C++. Now, after this, your Sage 2016 can be easily loaded. There are also some issues with this new Sage that it needed a Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable program package.

However, if this process does not work then you need to uninstall Sage 50 2015 software and then again you need to install a Sage 50 2016 software. If you still find an error on update, then you can dial a Sage 50 technical support number to have all possible resolutions for your Sage 50 software. Here, you can have the assistance of Sage technical experts who all have a broad knowledge of accounting software. So you can easily, acquire any type of assistance for your accounting software.

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