Sunday, 28 August 2016

Boot Camp Issue Resolved With Parallels Virtual Machine

Parallels tool is powerful virtualization software that helps a Mac user to run Mac OS X and Windows operating system on their Mac. With its great utility, it has really made the users have an experience of two operating systems on the same desktop. Many users who installed the operating system with Parallels were getting compatibility issues with Boot camp. Boot camp is actually a utility that comes inbuilt with Mac OS X. Here, users can have take online tech support helpline number for Parallels Boot Camp.
Users faced many types of issues in installing, starting and stopping virtual machine. It may happen because of a fault of Boot Camp partition and this may happen because of a configuration of Boot Camp partition or due to Windows misconfiguration. These issues can be resolved with a toll-free number of tech support phone helpline for Windows 8 to have a solution for different installed Windows virtual software. Anyway, you should first know about different aspects of this issues occurrence so that you can have a solution as according to that issue.

Various aspects of this Boot Camp issues and solutions:
If you are not able to create Virtual machine
This happens when Parallels Wizard does not be able to detect Boot Camp partition or Parallels Desktop is unable to detect Windows boot camp partition. Here, you can either visit Parallels support pages or you can have an dial helpline support number for Desktop Parallels to have an accurate solution.
If you are not able to start Virtual machine
Because of this users cannot run a Virtual machine in Safe Mode and BSoD issue also seems inside the Virtual machine. Here, you need to start Boot Camp natively and then go to Control Panel and choose Add or remove program and uninstall Paragon HFS+.
If you cannot stop Virtual machine
Virtual machine sometimes gets hang as the stopping state when it is installed from Boot Camp partition. Here, you should immediately connect with the experts of a Parallels technical support team.
These are very few aspects and solution of the Virtual machine installed with Boot Camp partition. There are many other reasons also which are responsible for creating trouble with your Virtual machine. So, you can connect with Parallels experts just by dialing their toll-free number which is available 24*7 in your services. With their experts, you can know about varied causes and solutions procedure to sort out all the issues going on with your Virtual machine.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Get an Elite Service for Netgear Router

Netgear is a global networking company that offers products to the consumer in three segments such as retail, commercial and service provider. Its’ product include of wired and wireless that enable broadband access, networking and connectivity with the network. Among all of its services and products, the router is one of the important products which are used by a large number of users worldwide.  Netgear Router quality is of top quality that makes the users have smooth internet access. Despite its great and optimum performance, certain issues may happen while using Netgear Router. Thus, a perfect solution point is available as a get instant online support for Netgear to have an instant solution with the help of a third party technical support service provider.
There are varied types of trouble that can happen while using this router as no technologies are away from trouble. Users must be aware of the issued that can happen with it so that they can instantly look for a solution by dialing technical support phone number for a router. With the help of these solution points, users can be able to secure their router from further issues. Let’s have a look at common issues that needs to troubleshoot:
•    Installation issues with Netgear Router.
•    Configuration issues with the system.
•    Unable to recover login password.
•    Slow internet connection.
•    Unable to login to Netgear Router.
•    Unable to access router.
•    Failed to setup Netgear wireless router.
•    Unable to find Wi-Fi signal of Netgear Router.
•    Poor network connectivity.
These are some of the issues that have been shown above. Besides, these errors there can be many other issues that can happen while using a router. Anyway, users need not be panic as they can have a support of the third party technical support service providers to have an take online tech support helpline number for router. Their router technical experts can troubleshoot any type of issues with it. Let’s have a look at their services to troubleshoot router issues:
•    Install and configure the router with your system.
•    Repair all the issues going on with the router.
•    Optimize the settings of the router to have the complete benefits of it.
•    Reset the password of the router.
•    Setup router at your workplace.
•    Upgrade firewall to have its security.
These are very few parts of their services; you can have more wide services for Netgear Router. And to have more wide services, you just need to dial a toll-free number of third party service providers like Intelli Atlas to have a solution for any of the issues with Netgear.

Monday, 22 August 2016

How to have Technical Support for Google Apps?

Google as one of the finest search engines has acquired an excellent position in the IT world. With its great search engine capability, it is also known for producing many innovative apps that are being used on mobile and laptop by many users worldwide. These apps have made the user to use the latest technology and updates of Google in a perfect way. Google serves its users with apps like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendars, Google business group, Google contacts, Google talks and many others.  To maintain the proper functioning of these apps, Google has also provided best instant tech services support for Google app so that users could not face any obstruction while doing their efficient task.
There are many users across the world that all are using Google apps successfully but at the same time, there are also some users who get trouble while using Google apps. Here, users should try to get Google tech support Google app, so that they can have an instant solution. Google has provided various ways for users to provide an immediate and perfect solution. Users can have their services through chat, email and call, so you have almost all options to have help.
Let’s know the process to have Google help:
·         You can have email help with support contact form that needs to fill. After completing this form you need to email it to nominated email address.
·          You can call on a toll-free number or chargeable number of Google. But, before moving ahead to make a call on these numbers you first need to have support pin for which you can follow the process as shown below
Ø  In Google Admin console, sign in to support page.
Ø  Now, click on the product for you are contacting
Ø  Now, click on button Get Pin which will display pin for that particular product.
·         You can chat with the help of support contact form.
With all these ways you can have direct help with Google experts and could have complete tech support and service phone number for mobile app for any Google app. Let’s know how Google assists you:
•    It fixes the issue and provides a solution.
•    It submits a feature request to a team of that particular product.
•    If it is not able to resolve the issue, then they suggest for further procedure.
•    A third party product team is also included to provide a perfect solution.
•    As soon as your issue is resolved, you get a survey email to have your feedback.
With all these ways and procedures, you can have a genuine and perfect resolution for any Google apps.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Irritated with scam pop-ups on Safari? Get the fixes here

Are you frequently getting pop-ups on your iOS and OS X while browsing Safari? Are you randomly getting tech support pop-ups message? If it is so, then you are trapped with varied dangerous pop-ups. These pop-ups message claims that you have the virus inside your system that could badly affect your system and could steal your confidential data. If you face any kind of situation like that, then it is really a very dangerous condition for your systems. Thus, you should immediately look for an Apple technical support team for which you can dial a toll-free best instant tech services for Apple .
Or if you having issues during the reset id password in Apple Phone just click here:
These pop-ups usually appear after you make any download from unauthorized sites. After making a download from an unauthorized site, much harmful software also get installed together with this download and further start appearing as pop-ups while doing browsing on your Safari. These pop-ups are so irritating that it does not move away by simply clicking on cross sign. Here, you need to have some perfect supports like toll-free number of help and tech support for Apple Safari to remove these pop-ups otherwise it can appear again and again with different tech support scam windows that can block you in using your browser.
These pop-ups can be easily removed in a proper way by going through the proper procedure for which you can consult some technical experts of Apple who can shows you the perfect path to crack these pop-ups issues. So, you can connect with technical support and help for Apple products to remove these pop-ups permanently from your system.  You can also follow the procedure shown in this post to remove these pop-ups.
Remove pop-ups in Mac OS X
·        From Safari menu, choose Preferences and now in Safari Preferences window click on tab ‘Extensions’.
·        Now, here find a plug-in for tech support scam and then click on un-install to remove permanently.
·        You also need to remove all the unknown extensions from your Safari.
·        Now, again choose Preferences and then choose General tab and change the default search as Google.
·        Now, restart your device.
Remove pop-ups in iOS
·        Put your iOS device like iPad and iPhone in Airplane mode. For doing this, you need to go to Settings and then need to click on Airplane mode.
·        Now, again need to go to Settings>Safari and then here you need to clear history and data.
·        Now, close Safari and then click on Home.
·        Now, exist Airplane mode and then restart Safari.
With these ways, you can remove pop-ups in Mac OS X and iOS devices permanently from your Safari and could have the smooth browsing with no pop-ups scam.
You want to know more about the Apple products, Click here:

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Resolve the Compatibility Issue of Norton Antivirus with Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 is an updated version of Windows 8 operating system. In Windows 8, there were much more bugs due to which Microsoft released Windows 8.1 as the perfect and advanced version of  Windows 8. But still, there are some users who are getting trouble while using this updated version of Windows 8. While after installing an antivirus program on their system, some of them reported for compatibility issue with varied antivirus programs like Norton, McAfee, and other antivirus programs. In this situation, they frequently needed to dial a toll-free number contact technician for support of Antivirus issues to find a prompt solution for any antivirus error.
The compatibility issue usually occurred while after updating to 8.1 Windows. Norton Antivirus is known as the best antivirus program that is compatible with almost every device. But, this was not so with this Windows as many users faced compatibility error on installing Norton Antivirus program. However, if any new OS released, some types of incompatibility issues may happen while using the latest release. But, nothing to worry as you can easily fix this issue either by calling take online tech support for Norton Antivirus or by going through the process shown in this article post.  Let’s go through the steps shown here:
·         Go to the website of Norton Antivirus program.
·         Here, you will be prompted to sign in to Norton if you have not already signed in to Norton account. Here, you need to type your email address and password and then need to click on sign-in. However, if you are not having a Norton account then you need to create an account by completing the signup process.
·         Now, go to the setup window and then enter a new product key.
·         Now, you need to enter a product key. If you have obtained CD as boxed product, then you can find the key either inside the box, on the back of CD as a sticker or as a print on a card.
Your product key is only a combination of numeric and alphabetic characters with no special characters.
·         Now, you will be directed to download your product.
·         Once downloading is completed, your product gets added to your account. Now, here you can log in to manage your complete services and downloads for various devices.
·         You can also dial a toll-free number of helpline tech supports for Antivirus for Norton to get all these activities to be done in an easy way.
Hope, all these steps will help you in a perfect way. However, if you want to have some another service for any antivirus program on your Windows then you can connect with Antivirus technical support experts. Know more about Norton Antivirus:

Saturday, 13 August 2016

How to Avoid Pop-ups Permanently from your Windows OS?

Are you frequently getting pop-ups on your Windows? Is it creating trouble in accessing your browsers? If it is so, then you need to be alert of these pop-ups. These pop-ups are unwanted programs that appear as window while doing browsing that ask you to have their fake services. These pop-ups appear due to intrusions of adware, malware and other malicious elements that gets inside your system while you make any downloads from an illegal sites. These pop-ups completely disable you to access browser. Here, you should immediately consult a help and tech support for block Window pop-up virus, so further you could not have to face any problem.  
You can also dial a toll-free number of online tech customer help for Windows issues. However, you can also go through this article post to have perfect solution procedure. Let’s go through the process as shown below:
First you need to check updates for browsers
For updating Google browser, click on the menu button just on the right corner of Chrome. Now, from the bottom of menu choose ‘About Chrome’. This will make you to open new tab to check whether any update is available or not. If update is available, then it automatically gets installed.
Now re-install your web browser
For re-installing browser, you need to go through the process as shown below:
·         Find the link of the latest browser version that you have to install.
·         Now, un-install current browser. For this you need to go to Control Panel and open “Programs and Features” and finally click on “Add or remove programs” and see your browser.
·         Now, install latest browser and click on Run and follow the prompts.
Enable pop-ups blocker in your browser
Different browsers have different ways of blocking, so here you can dial a toll-free number of Windows technical supports to know the procedure for browser you are using.
Install browser ads on
There are many types of browsers ads on that you can install for your browsers to reduce these pop-ups numbers that you encounter. Before downloading these ads on, you need to read the review to have the best ads on with your browser.
Scan and remove virus from your system
To scan and remove virus from your system, you need to install best antivirus so that it could scan your system in a perfect way and could remove virus, adware and malware from your system.
These are some of the ways that you can follow to get rid of these pop-ups. However, if you want to have more help and support then you can dial a toll-free number of Windows technical team.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Remove MacKeeper Ads Completely from Chrome, Firebox and IE

MacKeeper is actually utility software that has been designed for optimization, cleaning and security of Mac. But, instead of providing security to Mac it started to make Mac crash prone which really disturbed the complete functioning of Mac. This MacKeeper was highly promoted before its arrival to provide strong security to Mac, but it did not do anything like that. In this situation many users started looking for get help tech support for block MacKeeper Ads on Chrome or Firebox technical support, so that they can remove the ads that they were frequently getting on their browsers.
While installing MacKeeper many others harmful software’s also get installed with it that further start creating trouble with the malware, adware and pop-ups. Here, in this circumstance you need to remove MacKeeper software from your Mac. If you are using Firebox browser, then you can dial toll-free number of online customer support number for Firebox MacKeeper Ads to remove it permanently from your system. You may also go through the suggestions shown below:
Download SpyHunter tool
SpyHunter software was developed by Enigma Software to avoid all issues concerning to MacKeeper software. This SpyHunter software works in a great way to remove MacKeeper from your system. Let’s know how it works:
·        Completely removes the entire files created by MacKeeper.
·        Remove all the registry entries which were created by MacKeeper.
·        This activates the system security code.
·        Fix the issues with browsers and modify browsers settings.
·        24*7 help desk is available for SpyHunter
·        You can dial on a support phone helpline for block browser pop-up ads, if SpyHunter is not working.
Download Stronghold AntiMalware
You can also install this Stronghold AntiMalware to remove macKeeper software permanently from your Mac. This software work in the following way to remove MacKeeper from your system:
·        Removes the entire files and registry created by MacKeeper
·        Resolve the browser hijack and redirection issues whenever needed.
·        Its toolbar removal tool helps you in removing unwanted browser extensions.
·        Its support services are also available to provide instant solution.
Remove MacKeeper extension from browser
With the removal of MacKeeper extensions you can get rid of the trouble that happens while on installing MacKeeper. You can also have some expert’s assistance to have the quick removal of this annoying software.
With all these procedures you can easily get rid of complete issues happened due to MacKeeper and could remove this MacKeeper software permanently from your system.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

How to Clean Unwanted Ads, Pop-ups and Malware from Chrome?

Google Chrome is one of the perfect search engines that have made web users to have easy searches. Its’ simple interface has made the large number of users to use this browser software. Like the other browsers, users can also face trouble while using this search engine. This troubling situation basically happens due to pop-ups, adware, and malware other harmful intrusions. Here, in this situation, users immediately need to have online tech phone help for block Chrome pop-up ads .
These pop-ups appear as the unwanted window that automatically gets installed in your system. These pop-ups basically appear because of the unwanted software from an unauthorized site. These pop-ups frequently appear as window that completely enables you to access your browser.  If your system is infected with malware or pop-ups then you immediately need to have block pop-ups ads on Chrome technical support. You can also follow the steps shown in this article to get rid of these pop-up issues. Just go through the process shown as below:
Remove unwanted software from Chrome
For removing unwanted installed program from your system, you need to go through the steps as shown below:
·         Go to the Chrome cleanup tool website and download the tool.
·         Once the file is downloaded, then you need to click on the file name.
·         Now, you need to click on Run.
·         This Chrome clean tool will scan your system and presents the list of malicious software present in your system.
·         Now, click on remove suspicious programs.
·         Now, Chrome will ask you for resetting for which you need to click on reset.
Remove unwanted program from your system
Download antivirus software and scan your system completely to remove all the adware, malware and virus present in your system. To do so, you can dial a toll-free connect tech phone helpline for block pop-up ads browser as it will help you get rid of pop-up issues.

Reset the settings of browser
·         Open Chrome and right click on menu.
·         Now, choose Settings.
·         Now, click on Show advanced settings.
·         Now, click on Reset Settings.
·         Now, click on Reset to confirm.
All these above shown troubleshooting steps are really going to clean all the unwanted programs, malwares and pop-ups from Chrome. If you still getting trouble even after going through these troubleshooting steps, then you can have Windows malware removal support.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Frequently Pop-Ups Appear in Firebox? Get the Fixes here!

Mozilla Firebox is a free search engine program that runs smoothly on various devices. Mozilla Firebox search engine is really more advanced and secure to have a safe search. But, the frequent appearance of some malevolent pop-ups sometimes makes the users enable to access Mozilla Firebox. These pop-ups are so strong that it enters inside the browsers by breaking its security. However, with the access to online support & help for remove pop-ups ads you can keep these harmful pop-ups away from your browser and could keep your system secure. You may also go through certain tips and suggestions shown in this post.
•    Check whether pop-ups blocking feature is on or not
    Here, you need to click on Firebox and then need to right click on word Options.
    Now, go to the Content tab and see whether block pop-ups Windows is checked or not. If, not then make then check it.
•    Check exceptions for pop-ups blocking
First, click on Options and then click on a Content tab and then click on Exceptions button. Now, remove all existing Exceptions.
•    Download extensions for pop-up blocking
    Click on Firebox button, and then click on Add-ons.
    Now, search for an ad- blocking add-on as Ad block Plus.
    You can also have tech customer phone number for  block Firebox pop-ups ads for downloading extensions with no trouble.
    This Ad block Plus is perfect for removing pop-ups annoyances from your web browser.
•    Install good Antivirus software
    Download Malwarebytes’Anti-malware
    Now, go through the proper scanning on your system to find whether malware is present in your system or not. You may also have a technical support for remove pop-up Firebox box to remove all the malware from your system.
    Now, download various antivirus programs, like Avast and Microsoft Essential to have the perfect protection against these harmful intrusions.
•    Uninstall all unwanted and harmful software
Remove the unwanted program from your system. For doing this, you need to go to the Control Panel, and then go to the option as Add or Remove Programs. Now, remove the programs that you have recently installed and are not working as their features.
By going through all these above methods, you can easily keep your Mozilla Firebox away from pop-ups. If you still getting pop-up issues even after going through these procedures then you can have Windows pop-up technical support number. For more detail information visit here

Monday, 8 August 2016

Resolve Audio Issues in Windows 10

Windows as the most pioneering and latest Windows has created lots of enthusiasm among the users with its amazing features. But, at the same time, it has also created lots of bugs among the users due to which users have too often consult online customer support availble 24*7 for Windows 10 to find the instant solutions. An audio issue is also one of the major issues about which users have criticized. However, there is nothing to be panic as with this article post you will come to know about the perfect ways of getting solution of common audio issues. Just click here for more Windows 10 problems:
 Let’s go through varied steps to find audio issues solutions: 
·         First, you need to check the sound settings
Here, you first need to make sure that whether you have muted Windows or not. Now, you need to check your plugs, cables, headphone connections, or any other connection related to audio. If this does not resolve your problem then you can also simply take help from get instant helpline support number for Windows 10 sound issues and Windows certified technicians resolve the issue in minutes.
·         Make the re-installation of audio drivers
Driver issues are common with every device, so it is also with Windows. Here, you need to check for drivers update. If any update is needed, then you need to do it. For doing this, you need to go to the Start menu > Device Manager>, and then you need to make right click on Sound Driver. Now, browse to the Driver tab and click on Roll Back Driver. This will give you option for either update or re-installation.
·         Update IDT High Definition
This issue can be fixed with manual driver updates that make you to use sound driver. For this, you need to click on Start menu> Device manager and find IDT High Definitions Audio Codec, then click on Update Driver Software.
·         Disable Audio Enhancer
Here, you need to search for Sound Control Panel and right click on default device and choose Properties. Now, click on Enhancement tab and check Disable all enhancements, and then click on Apply.
·         Restart service for Audio
Type Services in taskbar search box and Press Enter. Now, go to the Windows Audio and restart it by making double click on it, and then select Start. This will restart audio service automatically.
·         Run Audio Troubleshooter
Here, you need to click on Control Panel>Troubleshooting> Troubleshoot Audio Playback, and then go through the instructions.
With all these above steps, you can easily troubleshoot the problem of Audio. However, if you are still getting trouble then you need to connect with the experts of Windows technical team to get the accurate solutions.

Friday, 5 August 2016

How to Close Malware Pop-up Window Securely?

Pop-up is an, actually, unwanted window that appears automatically on your system without having your permission. It is specially designed to infect your system with adware, malware, virus and many other harmful interruptions. Nowadays, pop-ups have become a very serious problem for all PC users, as it completely makes you incapable of accessing your system. This usually comes with different types of ads that compel you to take their services and sometimes they automatically get installed in your system without informing you. These pop-ups window are so irritating that you cannot close it easily. Thus in this critical situation, you should immediately look for a proper get instant help by tech experts for windows pop-up virus so that you can safely remove these harmful interruptions.
These Pop-ups usually appear when you download any software from unauthorized sites. As you download the software, then there are many malware, adware and virus that also get downloaded with the software. These adware and malware further start appearing as pop-ups windows on your system and as soon as you click on it to close or remove, then either other windows appear or any unwanted software automatically get installed in your system. These are so annoying that you cannot close it and you completely become unable to access your system, so here you need to close it in a proper way.
Before removing these Pop-ups, you need to check for all the updates in your system with the help of tech phone helpline services for windows update issues. If any update is required, then you first need to update the software of your system. Now, to remove these pop-ups in a secured way, you just go through some of the points shown below:
·         Never click anywhere in your Pop-up window whether it’s a close or cancel button.
·         To close these pop-ups in a safe way, you can use the task bar.
·         You can also use Windows Task Manager to close the pop-ups window.
·         Press Ctrl, Alt and Del key together, and click on the Task Manager Button.
·         Now, click on the Application tab in Task Manger.
·         Now, choose Pop-up window from the list.
·         Now, click on End task button.
In this way, you can safely close these pop-ups windows and could save your system from unwanted downloading of malicious software that could harm your system. For avoiding Pop-ups, you can also have Pop-up virus tech support. Their experts will assist you to remove these harmful pop-ups permanently to secure your system.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Updating QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table is too Easy Now

QuickBooks Payroll has really customized the business tasks of its users by tracking the income and expenses, creating invoices and estimates, syncing bank accounts, paying payroll and file taxes and many other things. This QuickBooks Payroll needs to update on the basis of tax table changes or may be due to changes made by the accounting section of a company. The software automatically makes tax changes as per gradual changes made by the government. So, QuickBooks Payroll tax table also needs to be updated for which one can have a technical support & services for QuickBooks payroll. You may also go through this article post for knowing how to update QuickBooks tax table.
QuickBooks Payroll automatically notifies you for the updates to be made in it. By having a online tech customer phone number for QuickBooks, you can easily get it done in a very easy way. Before proceeding for updating QuickBooks table, you need to have an internet connection with a current Payroll subscription.
To update QuickBooks Payroll, go through the following steps:
·         Go to the menu bar and choose Employees, and then choose Payroll Center. This will show the status of payroll subscription.
·         Now, again from the menu bar choose Employees and then select Get Payroll Updates.
·         Now, click on Account Info. Here, you need to sign in to have view of the information of complete subscription, Payroll account maintenance, FEIN information, billing details and deposit details.
·         Now, choose the option to download the entire changes made in QuickBooks Payroll and click on Updates button.
·         To close Payroll updates message, click on OK. This will inform you about the new tax table or update that has been installed.
·         If update is not successfully installed, then you need to click on Troubleshooting Payroll Updates.
·         Now, you will get news dialog box for Payroll updates. Now, go through the tabs to have information of the changes that has been installed.
·         Now, you need to press ESC key to close dialog box.
·         Now, go to the menu bar and select Employees and then Payroll center.
·         Now, you need to view information about the status of payroll subscription.
With all these above steps, you can easily update the tax table of QuickBooks Payroll. Anyway, if you still getting trouble while updating the QuickBooks Payroll tax table, then you can call on QuickBooks technical support number to clear any type of issues or confusions you are getting in updating tax table.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

How to Install and Setup Norton Antivirus?

Norton Antivirus is known as the advanced anti-malware which is developed and distributed by Symantec Corporation. It provides a strong security to your system against various malicious threats, like malware, spyware, adware, virus and many other nasty intrusions. And to provide a perfect protection shield, it is very much important for a user to install Norton Antivirus in a proper way. There are many users who get problems in installing the Norton Antivirus, so that they can have an error free installation. To do so, they need to call on online tech support services for antivirus.
Before installation of Norton antivirus, users should keep in mind that improper installation is not going to provide complete protection to your system against virus. Thus, to have the perfect installation of Norton Antivirus, users need to remove the antivirus program that has been installed earlier. For doing this in a better way, you can have the support from get instant help by tech support for Norton Antivirus. You may also go through this article post to un-install the antivirus program in a perfect way.
Process to remove antivirus or firewall program:
·         First click on the start button, and then click on Control Panel.
·         Now, click on Add or Remove programs and then click on Uninstall a Program.
·         Now, with the installed programs list you need to click on the antivirus program that you want to remove.
·         Now, click on Remove or Uninstall.
·         Now, click on Remove All to uninstall the program.
·         Now, restart your system and then click on Finish.
Now, after uninstalling the pre-installed firewall program, you need to install Norton antivirus on your system. Likewise, a online tech customer help for MacAfee Antivirus you can also call on Norton Antivirus support number to have a successful installation.
 You may also go through the procedure shown as below:
·         Here, you first need to find the location of downloaded antivirus program with the file name as NetZero_NAV2012_EN.exe and need to make double click on it.
·         Now, click on OK to start installation and then click on Browse to set the new location.
·         Now, click on Users License Agreement and then click on OK.
·         Now click on Agree and Install.
·         Now, you need to click on Activate Now button.
·         Now, after entering the pin click on Activate.
With the above shown procedure, you can easily install Norton Antivirus on your system. However, if you find any trouble while going through the installation process of Norton Antivirus, then you can call on Norton technical support number to have the immediate installation with ease.  Read more at