Sunday, 28 August 2016

Boot Camp Issue Resolved With Parallels Virtual Machine

Parallels tool is powerful virtualization software that helps a Mac user to run Mac OS X and Windows operating system on their Mac. With its great utility, it has really made the users have an experience of two operating systems on the same desktop. Many users who installed the operating system with Parallels were getting compatibility issues with Boot camp. Boot camp is actually a utility that comes inbuilt with Mac OS X. Here, users can have take online tech support helpline number for Parallels Boot Camp.
Users faced many types of issues in installing, starting and stopping virtual machine. It may happen because of a fault of Boot Camp partition and this may happen because of a configuration of Boot Camp partition or due to Windows misconfiguration. These issues can be resolved with a toll-free number of tech support phone helpline for Windows 8 to have a solution for different installed Windows virtual software. Anyway, you should first know about different aspects of this issues occurrence so that you can have a solution as according to that issue.

Various aspects of this Boot Camp issues and solutions:
If you are not able to create Virtual machine
This happens when Parallels Wizard does not be able to detect Boot Camp partition or Parallels Desktop is unable to detect Windows boot camp partition. Here, you can either visit Parallels support pages or you can have an dial helpline support number for Desktop Parallels to have an accurate solution.
If you are not able to start Virtual machine
Because of this users cannot run a Virtual machine in Safe Mode and BSoD issue also seems inside the Virtual machine. Here, you need to start Boot Camp natively and then go to Control Panel and choose Add or remove program and uninstall Paragon HFS+.
If you cannot stop Virtual machine
Virtual machine sometimes gets hang as the stopping state when it is installed from Boot Camp partition. Here, you should immediately connect with the experts of a Parallels technical support team.
These are very few aspects and solution of the Virtual machine installed with Boot Camp partition. There are many other reasons also which are responsible for creating trouble with your Virtual machine. So, you can connect with Parallels experts just by dialing their toll-free number which is available 24*7 in your services. With their experts, you can know about varied causes and solutions procedure to sort out all the issues going on with your Virtual machine.

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