Monday, 18 April 2016

Instant and Reliable Resolution to Common Windows 7 Problems

Windows 7 is a comparatively cool operating system, but like other OS it’s not perfect. Some of the commonly reported problems with Windows 7 operating system include compatibility with older programs, errors with the Aero theme, interface problems, slow speed hardware, and its features. Here are the most common problems that Windows 7 users face —from missing files and cursors to bad Internet connections— and how to fix each one of them:
1. Aero theme not working:
To add transparency in Windows, an astonishing feature of Aero is loaded in it. Aero is an amazing feature of Windows 7 that adds transparent image to the desktop and apps on it. However, if you observe that there is no transparency in your desktop, then it means your system’s Aero is not running. You can easily solve this problem by:
·         First of all, go the Start button.
·         Type in the words ‘Aero’.
·         Select to- Find and fix problems link.
·         Tap on next to launch Aero troubleshooting wizard.
·         Close all windows and restart the system.

If you find that you are unable to resolve this error yourself, you should look for instant Windows 7 Support and Help for resolving Aero theme errors. Moreover, you can simply call on toll free number and get the errors solved immediately or visit .

2. DVD Drive Not Found
If you are facing problem in finding Windows 7 optical DVD drive, then simply read out the steps given below and fix the error in seconds.
To resolve this issue,
·         Go to the Start button
·         Launch regedit from the results
·         Go to Local Machine- System- Control-Class
·         Delete upper filters and lower filters
·         Restart and check results

 If the problem doesn’t get resolved, you must try to:
·         Start
·         Disk Management
·         Create hard disk partitions
·         Change drive letters and paths from optical drive
·         Choose new drive letter
·         Restart
    This must resolve the issue of missing DVD Drive. 
If these steps are not solving your DVD drive problems, then you can simply contact reliable technical support number for Microsoft Windows 7 and get your problems resolved in minutes at affordable rates.
3. Common toolbar and taskbar connection problems
In Windows 7 Operating system, you might find that the explorer tool bars are missing. There is a quick fix solution to make the ‘missing’ explorer tools get appeared.
·         Click Start > Programs > Accessories > Run.
·         In Run window, type regedit.
·         Registry editor opens up. In the registry editor, locate HKEY_CURRENT_USER and expand it until you see Windows.
·         Now, expand the Windows and find Current Version\Policies\Explorer.
·         At right side of the Registry editor you will notice NoTrayContextMenu. Delete it

4. Install Windows 7 if not compatible With Older software’s:

It is advisable to install Windows 7 OS Compatibility Mode. To install compatibility mode follow the steps below:

·         Choose installation file
·         Go to Properties
·         Open compatibility tab and Run programs
·         Choose Windows operating system latest version and select down option.
·         Install the programs
·         Choose the program icon.
·         Select or tap properties tab
·         Run the OS in compatibility mode. 

For getting more details regarding Windows 7 problems and fixes, you can visit the company profile or simply take the technician assistance.

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