Thursday, 28 April 2016

Unable to Print Checks Using QuickBooks after Upgrading to Windows 10?

Within few months after the release of Windows 10 OS, millions of Windows users switched over to the latest operating system. Microsoft has a genuine reason – this time – to convince its users to upgrade their computer system to Windows 10.
With some impressive features and applications such as better Start Menu, Cortana, Microsoft Edge, better compatibility and others, Microsoft has really taken its Windows 10 OS to the best level. 
However, it is not indifferent to some common technical errors as some of the businessmen, who use QuickBooks accounting software suite for their business accounting, have reported some technical issues while trying to print checks after upgrading to Windows 10.
Most programs developed in accordance with the earlier edition may work poorly due to incompatibility with the latest OS. In such cases, Program Compatibility Troubleshooter on most programs can be used to find and fix common compatibility issues.  Technical support for Microsoft Windows 10
An unexpected hurdle in the software can result in costing you time and money, if the issues are not addressed properly. QuickBooks technical support offered by experienced technicians can help you overcome all types of annoying issues in real time. 
Here are some accurate tips to fix the printing problems:
First of all, you can uninstall the program and reinstall the same in compatibility mode. It can have some differences.
Run the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter:
·         Click on the Search icon located on the right edge of the screen,
·         Put in “Run Programs” in the search box
·         Click “Run programs” made for earlier copy of Windows OS, and then tap on the Next button
·         Highlight the program that you want to address, or you can also highlight Not Listed in case if you don’t find the program
·         Tap on Next, and then go through the guidelines seen in the troubleshooter
If the issues are still there in place, you should make change in compatibility settings manually.
·         Search the program in the search box
·         Right click the search result and tap on the Open file location
·         Go to the Properties and click on the Compatibility tab
·         Select the settings and apply the settings to all users
·         You may be asked to provide admin password, confirm the password and press OK
 Once after completing the procedures mentioned above, you should restart the program and check if the issue comes in the way. If you are still not able to print the checks, you should dial QuickBooks customer support number for QuickBooks accounting software and get the problem fixed in real time.
There are some independent technical support companies that offer guaranteed technical assistance to all types of issues identified in QuickBooks.  

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