Thursday, 19 May 2016

Steps to Resolve Windows Update Issues

Windows update is one of the main integrity and security features. Microsoft has updated these security patches on a regular basis of intervals. If these security patches, software updates, and hotfixes are turned off, Windows becomes vulnerable to bugs and malware.
In case you face any type of windows update issues, then troubleshooting these issues is the right option. The troubleshooting steps start with a visit into the control panel. In windows 7,press the Windows key, type Windows update and select the matching result. In Windows 8, press Windows + Q, type Windows Update, make sure you’re searching in Settings or Everywhere, and you should spot Windows Update in the results.
On the initial screen, you should see which updates you need the most and which are pending and when the latest updates were installed. You can simply click on change settings in the sidebar on the left to adjust your preferences. If you want any type of technical assistance for Windows 8 technical support, and then you should simply dial the toll-free number of Windows and get reliable solutions from professionals.
Ideally, Windows install the update automatically. But it’s good to set the download updates settings in control panel. If you see that update is set to never check for new updates then it’s good to enable it and let it apply the all new updates automatically. Under the control panel change settings, you can set the Microsoft settings, recommended settings, and new software notification settings. These optional updates can be left disabled. If none of the solutions will resolve the issue, you should try to reset Windows update components manually. You can simply find the instructions for that on Microsoft official page or simply call on a toll-free support number for Windows 7 and get quality solutions for your Windows update issues.
Try these steps to resolve the window update issues
·         Check windows update settings you need to reset as "never check for updates" and click on ok.
·         Restart your system
·         Now after this go to same windows update options again and now you need to set the install updates automatically.
·         Now run Microsoft easy fix tool by Microsoft for windows update issues and get your problem resolved instantly.
·         Restart your computer once the steps are done. If the above steps do not work then Contact a reliable third party support providing company to resolve Windows Update Issues instantly.
·         Click or tap on the start button and go to accessories option then go right click on command prompt and click on run as administrator option.
·         Finally hit the enter button on your keyboard to execute the command properly.
·         Finally, restart the computer.

For more details, visit the official Microsoft website and get the complete details for the same.

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